Time to lead

Time to lead

We’re still ramping up here on this website but are happy to report we’re going gangbusters on getting our authors up for sale online. They have now, collectively, 35 previously-published and never-before-seen works available for sale on most major e-book sites, and the number is growing daily.

Of course, it’s presumptuous to call the actions of Fiero Publishing “leading the way” when so many other publishers are (finally) leaping into the e-book market, but what’s marketing without a little hubris? And you won’t hear us making the statements of some bigger publishers who are still figuring out this technology that, “With some devices, we know you’re restricted to where you can get your ebooks.” (Or at least we’ll try to keep our occasional electronic bloopers to a minimum.) Because we’re on this new world of publishing like beans on rice, gravy on potatoes, syrup on waffles…  Okay, getting hungry now.

So what’s the latest in the Fiero Publishing world?

Chasing the Minotaur, the first released e-novel from Terry Hayman, our go-to guy for mystery, literary, and mainstream fiction, is starting to pick up sales steam as people are intrigued by the story of a grieving artist who does a house exchange in southern France and encounters a particularly provencal type of magic happening in the olive groves near the Mont Sainte-Victoire – the long-dead painters Renoir, Cezanne, Picasso, and Van Gogh are still painting, loving, scheming. Check it out Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and elsewhere.

Stiffer, the latest release from one of Fiero Publishing’s writers of men’s and women’s erotica, has just gone up on Smashwords and will be live any day on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, et al.

Downhill Rush, the first released e-novel from romance writer Terri Darling, is currently topping our sales figures, thereby bearing out the recent reports that romance readers are some of the early adopters of this whole shift to electronic books.  And given the voracious reading habits of romance readers as a whole, this can only be a good thing.

More stuff to come in the weeks ahead.